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If I were to decide to purchase it by tomorrow, how soon can you deliver the software assuming your designer will do the design and I will be handling the integration.

It depends on how quickly you come to a certain UI design final view which actually is a undetermined process since creating designs may have unlimited iterations (there is always room for improvement.) However I do not anticipate it more than 1 month after that day. Anyway we can deliver you the product with our standard design scheme so you could start integration in 2-3 days after the purchase is made, and later replace the UI with a newly designed one.

If we want to add more functionality that you don’t propose in the initial version, what limit would we have?

There is no limit to ask for custom development and we can add anything that you will request.

What functionality does the API propose?

Using the API you can create and edit users, authorization, managing user balance, creating tournaments, registration to a tournament etc.

Are we able to host the poker game ourselves?

Yes, you can host the game at your facilities.

Can you integrate Enterra Poker with payment systems?

Yes, we do provide integration with payment systems. It can be a system of your choice or one that we recommend.

Is Enterra Poker completely customizable?

Yes, Enterra Poker is completely customizable. The system can be customizable in any aspect, e.g. full modification of UI, adding new rules, adding new games.

Can I integrate my own graphics?

Yes, the design of your client application is fully customizable.

Do you provide installation and deployment services?

Yes, we help our clients to setup and deploy the game and also provide further support of it. Also please check our renting service

What are the support options for the system?

Support period depends from package edition. See product's page for more information. We also provide post support services in case there is any urgent request available under special SLA terms.

Can I integrate poker to any existing web site of my own?

Yes, there is an option to do so. A more complete integration is supported to web sites written in PHP, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby. There are special integration modules providing access to the server API. All that have to be done are called the provided functions with required parameters from the site script.

If I need to introduce some specific rules or options what should I do?

Through the lifecycle of our system, we implemented a variety of different poker rules as well as introduced many unique features. It is highly probable that all you need to do is to change settings at the server. However if still there is a need for anything like that we will be able to implement your request at additional cost.

Tell me more about Random Number Generator

To generate random numbers we use the SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister pseudo-random numbers algorithm. Truly random data is used as a initialization vector. Random data initialization is done periodically which exclude any result prediction. Also we use hardware RNG like Quantis.

How is security provided?

Any sensitive information is located at the servers and is not exposed to the Network. It is protected on the server level to eliminate potential threats. Client connections are SSL-encrypted. Random Number Generator (RNG) in the system is based on system provided high security crypto functions and random hardware data. With already available protected sequence of random numbers, we additionally employ an original algorithm, to generate a random number based on several random numbers of initial order.

Can I purchase the source code?

Yes, the source code can be purchased under special license terms.