Enterra has updated universal web poker client design and functionality. Nothing reminds of the previous version! New client is already available for test and purchase.

What’s new in the updated HTML5 client?

    • Total redesign. We got rid of the old client looks, and used the modern native mobile app to create the new version. Why mobile? Year to year, the number of people playing from mobile devices is growing, so the new HTML5 app is mobile oriented. However, the client UI fits the desktop browser perfectly as well.
    • New lobby structure and user filters for both cash games and tournaments.
    • Changes in user profile and settings.

In demo version, you’ll find the most popular cash games already available (Hold’em, Omaha, Stud). We are planning to add also Chinese poker games soon. Active development of this version continues. As long as we have stopped working on the Flash web client, we now concentrate on fast and effective HTML5 client improvement.

Check the new HTML5 demo and contact us to get more details.