In order to ensure and demonstrate total fairness of our card shuffling procedures and compliance to the most rigorous standards, the Enterra Poker Random Number Generator (or RNG) was tested by an independent certification company iTech Labs Australia.

It was a comprehensive analysis during which we submitted detailed information about the Enterra Poker RNG, including software source code, and documentation.

As a result of a successful testing we obtained the certificate to confirm that our RNG:

  • complies with the relevant standards
  • uses a well known algorithm to generate random numbers
  • provides the unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed card sequences.

The certified RNG is used in all packages of Enterra Poker. It guarantees that every poker room based on Enterra Poker software has reliability and trustworthiness. With this certification, gaming operators using Enterra Poker software have confidence of the high quality of the randomness and fair play.