We are starting final flash based client software sale. Due to the development stop, we offer client source code and extra services package at the special price.

For our customers, it is a chance to get a web online casino or poker or a social casino game based on Flash and packed with:

  • Full Flash client source code
  • Back end (back office and server software)
  • Setup and one social network integration included
  • Bug fixes
  • Compilation instructions and source code consulting (10 hours free)

We will no longer provide updates for Flash client and completely stop its development. Instead of that, we are planning to refine our HTML5 and native online gaming software. Server software and back office updates will be still available for Flash casino and poker room owners.

Learn more and try demo versions:

Flash Enterra Casino

Flash Enterra Poker

Contact us now to your extra gaming software package for the best price!